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Ego Z6 Battery Zero-Turn Mower ZT4204L
Ego Z6 Battery Zero-Turn Mower ZT4204L
Ego Z6 Battery Zero-Turn Mower ZT4204L
Ego Z6 Battery Zero-Turn Mower ZT4204L

Ego Z6 Battery Zero-Turn Mower ZT4204L


A brand new battery-powered zero turn ride-on mower, unlike any other out there

EGO's new Z6 zero turn ride-on mower is unlike any other. Powered by the same battery technology in other EGO products, this ride-on mower features Peak Power+ technology which combines the power of up to 6 batteries, where the number you use depends on the area you have to cover. Being battery powered this mower is considerably quiet, not to mention being kinder to the environment. A 10 Ah battery and a 5 Ah battery are included in the price.

Prepare to conquer tight turns

The Z6 is a zero turn mower which means it has a zero turn radius i.e. it turns around on the spot; directional movements are controlled by two arms rather than a wheel which enables this movement. Being able to turn 180° on the spot at the end of a mowing row is extremely quick and efficient compared to a non-zero turn; there are no awkward uncut grass patches that require awkward manoeuvring to otherwise reach. 

Cut as many acres as needed

This ride-on mower has a cutting width of 42 inch / 107 cm, and a coverage of up to 2-acres with 4 x 10 Ah batteries, however additional batteries can be added/removed to increase/decrease mowing time per single charge (a minimum of 15 Ah power is required. The cutting height is adjustable 1.5-4.5 inch through a series of 10 preset stages. Cuttings are discharged to the side.

Delivering the same power as a petrol machine

Delivering up to 22 horsepower and with 4 independent brushless motors, this battery-powered machine delivers the same exceptional power and performance of a petrol mower. It has an adjustable hydraulic seat suspension for a comfortable mowing experience.

Customise your mowing experience

The ride-on mower has a maximum travel speed of 8 mph with an adjustable mowing speed of 3-7 mph. A simple touch of the finger will switch the drive mode between control, standard and sport. The LCD interface is clear and easy to understand. The height of the steering arms are adjustable, as is the seat - which is complete with armrests - to ensure a comfortable mowing experience.

Premium features included as standard

The Z6 zero turn is packed with premium features, including LED headlights on the front, side, and rear of the machine to increase visibility, a spring-loaded phone holder, and a handy USB charging port and Bluetooth connectivity for your mobile phone and other smart devices. An integrated wash port and hose link make it easy to clean the deck of stray cuttings.

Some batteries and a rapid charger is included

A minimum of 15 Ah power is required to operate this ride-on mower, however it can hold up to 6 EGO 56 V ARC Lithium batteries for longer running times; a 10 Ah battery and a 5 Ah battery are included in the price. The same batteries can be used to power your other EGO machinery, too! 

EGO recommend 4 x 10 Ah batteries for optimum performance which will cover up to 2-acres on a single charge. The rapid charger included with the mower will restore 4 x 10 Ah batteries 0-100% in just 2 hours - 4 times faster than competitors and the quickest in the industry.