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Etesia Hydro 124 DL
Etesia Hydro 124 DL
Etesia Hydro 124 DL

Etesia Hydro 124 DL




Unparalleled efficiency

First ride-on mower that combines direct central rear ejection, integrated collection and high-lift emptying, the Etesia Hydro 124 offers efficiency that has never been seen in its class, with a theoretical mowing capacity of 19,840 m²/h.

Better mowing
Equipped with two counter-rotating 65 cm blades that are mounted at right-angles, the Hydro 124 ensures 1.24 m of perfect mowing thanks to its powerful inhalation raising the grass before cutting. 16 km/h working speed.

Cutting heights
The Hydro 124 has an electrical system for adjusting the cutting height from 44 to 140 mm, with an adjustable mechanical low stop.

Cutting deck with rear ejection

Cutting deck with rear ejection and 2 counter-rotating blades = excellent mowing and collection even in long and wet grass.

Grass box filled to capacity every time: 600 L / 100 kg.

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