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Staff profiles

Staff profile
Name: Solly 
Job Title:  Director
About Solly: Solly can sometimes be known as 'Mr Baggley' and is well known in the industry for his personalised approach towards his customers, which has provided the business its renowned excellence for customer satisfaction. Solly started the company back in 1999 working from a garden shed, as his business grew Solly expanded into larger premises and as the business kept on growing Solly required further expansion, and is now running one of the largest garden machinery businesses in Norfolk. Solly is most proud about having his two sons adopting a joint partnership within the business illustrating the true definition of a family run business. 

Staff profile
Name: Fiona
Job Title: Accounts 
About Fiona: Fiona is the brains behind the numbers, she can be found in the back office where she likes to keep busy and has been working here for around 21 years. She has grown with the business and has a bubbly personality and is the lady to go to when the boys work trousers split! 

Staff profile
Name: Oliver 
Job Title: Partner/Sales and Workshop Manager
About Oliver: Oliver is one of the sons to Solly and has been working within the business for 16 years (hence the grey hairs). Oliver gained his Level 2 & 3 Land-Based Service Engineering course at Writtle college in 2008, his Briggs and Stratton Master Service Technician in 2009 and has also travelled to India to gain his specialist mechanical training in SOLIS tractors. Oliver plays an active role in managing staff and although he is an extremely busy chap, he can always make time for some banter in the workplace. 

Staff profile
Name: Toby
Job Title: Partner/Sales Manager
About Toby: Toby is the second son to Solly and has worked in the family business for 10 years. Toby is a Briggs and Stratton Master Service Technician and has travelled to India to attend a specialist mechanical training programme in SOLIS tractors. Toby is extremely dedicated and will consistently strive to improve the business by utilising his technological skills. Toby's mechanical knowledge, easy going and professional attitude is admired by our customers. Toby provides endless comedy at Baggley's and will often have staff in fits of laughter. 

Staff profile
Name: Steph
Job Title: Personal Assistant/Administration
About Steph:
Steph can also be known as the ‘little pixie’ and will often be seen around the Baggley's premises getting everything and everyone in order! 
Steph has been working here for the last 5 years and has grown with the business, her bright and bubbly personality often lifts the spirits of others. Steph has completed her Land-Based Technology training at Easton college and has brought a wealth of knowledge to the team. 

Staff profile
Name: Scott
Job Title: Service Engineer
About Scott: Scott will be found in our workshop where he takes prides in keeping his tools and workspace tidy (Well Done Scott). Scott has worked at Baggleys for 4 years since completing his Level 2 & 3 Land-Based Technology training at Easton college, and has also completed his Briggs and Stratton Master Service Technician award. Scott did his work experience here and hasn’t left since, he has also grown with the business and is an asset to our team. Scott is laid back and very reliable and over the years he’s been with us, we’ve watched him grow a mean beard!

Staff profile
Name: Alfie
Job Title: Apprentice Service Engineer
About Alfie : Alfie is our newest member of team and is currently completing his Land-Based Service Engineering Level 2 at Easton College, and has been with us for just over a year now. Alfie is a constant source of entertainment and is always happy and enthusiastic. Alfie works hard and is consistently learning new things. Alfie often likes to have his hot chocolate on his tea break and enjoys interacting with the other staff members. 

Staff profile
Name: Alfie
Job Title: Head of Meet & Greet 
About Alfie: Alfie works Full-time and has been here since he was a pup. Alfie will often be found sleeping on an office chair, whilst being in charge of the meet and greet duties to our customers. However, Alfie will spend the majority his work day guarding his tennis ball just in case someone wants to play fetch with him! he also enjoys a ginger nut biscuit on his tea break.