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The Stihl Metal Chainsaw Sawhorse offers a safe and efficient way for the chopping and cutting of logs when using an electric or petrol chainsaw.
From perhaps the most well known manufacturer worldwide of chain saws and forestry cutting equipment, the Stihl Metal Chainsaw Sawhorse is built to the high standard you would expect from this manufacturer and is strong, stable in use, safe to work on, and durable, giving a long service life.
This essential accessory is manufactured from tough galvanised square section metal box tube sections. The galvanised protection coating prevents rust on this saw horse allowing you to obtain years of service from it with the smallest amount of annual care.
As standard this Stihl Metal Chainsaw Sawhorse is fitted with a log securing chain for securely attaching logs and timber ready to be sawn or chopped. The securing chain is spring mounted allowing just the right amount of tension to be achieved for safer working.
Another leading feature of this metal sawhorse is its ability to be folded flat for easy transportation and storage. This allows this metal sawhorse to be carried in the boot of most hatchback cars and also allows it to be stored in a tool shed without taking up too much room as well.
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